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Why hire Ken’s Custom Carpentry?



    There are allot of companies/handyman that will tell you they can take care of all your household repairs such as plumbing, electrical, drywall, and carpentry. These companies will usually have the lowest prices.  Why not have one person do the whole job? Be sure to ask the contractor if he will be subcontracting the electrical or plumbing work out to a reputable company or doing the work himself. You have to ask yourself can one person do a truly professional job in multiple professions? Can they keep up on the latest innovations and time saving techniques, which can save you money. How can they keep prices so low? In order to carry insurance for plumbing or electrical they will need a master license number. No number = No insurance/permits = Lower prices. Maybe the contractor will tell you that the job is easy and there’s nothing that can go wrong. Well problems can occur even on the smallest of jobs if not performed correctly which can end up cost you substantially more money in the long run.



    At Ken’s Custom Carpentry, we do; well as the name says carpentry. I want you to be happy with the job I doing for you so I’m not going to perform services that I am not capable of doing in a professional manner just to make a buck. Whether I’m doing a rec. room or remodel or addition all the proper permits will be obtained and if needed reputable companies will be hired/ subcontracted for all parts of the job that don’t include carpentry. And I will stand behind all services performed through Ken’s Custom Carpentry for one year.  Estimates are always free and I encourage you to get more than one estimate. That way you are more comfortable with the price that we quoted you. I will even take the time to compare quotes with you to ensure you are comparing apples for apples. Most reputable companies in the area are about the same price, if one quote comes back substantially lower than the rest usually something has been left out, which you will end up paying for eventually.